Warner Bros. Shifts King Arthur, CHiPS & Annabelle 2 Release Dates
Annabelle in The Conjuring Warner Bros. Shifts King Arthur, CHiPS & Annabelle 2 Release Dates

Of the trio of films being moved, Annabelle 2’s retreat from the weekend before Memorial Day is the smartest. Alien: Covenant is slated to open the same weekend, and since that film will more than likely appeal to the same horror crowd as Annabelle 2, separating it from the competition makes sense. More worrisome, however, is CHiPS which now moves into direct competition with the upcoming Power Rangers – though that will certainly appeal to a different audience than CHiPS, so not all hope is lost. King Arthur’s move should also prove fruitful, as the only thing that could be construed as competition is Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn’s Mother/Daughter, but again it will more than likely appeal to a different audience.

For some moviegoers, of course, it won’t really matter when these films are released, especially in the case of Annabelle 2. While the first film did gross over $250 million at the box office, its critical and fan reception was less-than-stellar when compared to its forerunner film, The Conjuring. Still, horror films tend to be critic-proof and with their normally low budgets, it’s easy for studios like Warner Bros. to make an easy profit. King Arthur could also prove a difficult sell, especially based on the poor reception of the last King Arthur film with Clive Owen in the titular role. Either way, fans will have to wait and see if Warner Bros.’ schedule shift proves to be the right move.


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