Logan CCXP Footage Description: Charles, Laura & Logan Enjoy a Meal
logan professor x wolverine patrick stewart hugh jackman Logan CCXP Footage Description: Charles, Laura & Logan Enjoy a Meal

With Xavier, Logan and Laura all clearly in danger by the time this clip takes place in the film, it stands to reason that the CCXP scene takes place after Logan’s first encounter with Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and the other Reavers, who are after Laura in particular. With the developing relationship between Logan and Laura looking to be a major focus of the story in Logan, this specific scene sounds like it should be an important one from a character development perspective.

Many now believe that Logan is going to be a movie exploring the more human side of the titular character rather than his life as a superhero. This sounds like a good thing – allowing Jackman to put his acting chops to better use, with material that’s more serious and audience-relatable, and really showing why he’s such a success in the movie world.

However, long-time fans may be looking for a simple hit of action during this last hurrah. Though Logan promises to deliver that (being the first R-Rated Wolverine film), if there’s not enough drama and chaos to whet the appetites of Wolverine’s biggest cheerleaders, Jackman could be exiting the franchise whilst leaving a bad taste in the mouth of viewers. Fortunately, that doesn’t look to be the case.


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