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Doctor Strange Concept Art Reveals Alternate Design for Kaecilius’ Zealots

Запись опубликована 27th Ноябрь 2016

Doctor Strange Concept Art Reveals Alternate Design for Kaecilius' Zealots
Doctor Strange Kaecilius Zealots Doctor Strange Concept Art Reveals Alternate Design for Kaecilius Zealots

As is readily apparent, this unused design for Kaecilius’ Zealots has a much more cult-like look to it, looking suitable for someone on their way to a worship service at the church of Dormammu. The white makeup and long robe also evokes the classic look of the grim reaper, and when combined with the way the Zealot appears to be floating above the ground in the right panel of the image, lends a very ethereal quality to this piece of unused art. Considering director Scott Derrickson’s background in horror films, this design for the Zealots looks like it would fit right in with one of his prior efforts.

While it’s understandable why Marvel might have opted to go with a Zealot design that more visually jives with what Kaecilius’ ended up looking like, the scrapped attire would have definitely lent a more sinister quality to what in practice are basically just standard henchmen. That said, had the look been used, Doctor Strange’s filmmakers’ may have run the risk of Kaecilius’ followers looking more dangerous than he did.


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