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Bradley Cooper To Star In WWII Drama From Accountant Director

Запись опубликована 1st Декабрь 2016

Bradley Cooper To Star In WWII Drama From Accountant Director
accountant movie ben affleck director gavin oconnor Bradley Cooper To Star In WWII Drama From Accountant Director

Gavin O’Connor (The Accountant) will direct from Zach Dean’s (Deadfall) script, which made the coveted 2015 Black List. Dan Friedkin, Bradley Thomas (There’s Something About Mary), and Adam Kolbrenner (Prisoners) are attached to produce. According to Variety, Cooper will executive-produce alongside Todd Phillips, his partner at production company Joint Effort. Imperative, where Friedkin and Thomas are based, will co-finance the project. Here’s what Friedkin had to say regarding the announcement, per Deadline:

“We’re thrilled Imperative is bringing Atlantic Wall to life on screen with a talented filmmaker like Gavin. Bradley’s phenomenal track record speaks for itself. He’s perfect to portray our complicated, often reluctant hero. We can’t imagine better creative partners.”

With such a spectacular team behind it, Atlantic Wall is already shaping up to be quite the blockbuster contender. Cooper’s name, of course, carries weight, but he’s also carved a proven reputation for tackling dark, complex characters. O’Connor, too, is fresh off a big hit with The Accountant, which shattered box office expectations with a solid $24.7 million opening weekend. Collectively, the producers have a history in bringing gritty material to life on screen, from 2012 thriller Deadfall (2012) to Hugh Jackman-led mystery Prisoners (2013). All Atlantic Wall needs now is an equally stellar supporting cast.

We’ll keep you updated on Atlantic Wall as more information becomes available.


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